The Policreti family was originally from Treviso, then settled in Motta di Livenza, reaching out - in the second half of the sixteenth century - in Pordenone. The family was enrolled in the noble families' council of the city around 1560 in the person of Antonio. With his children, the family split into two branches: Giovanni Maria was the founder of Castello's lineage, while Alexander (who built St.Anthony's chapel at Ornedo) was the founder of Ornedo's branch. The documents show that Anthony was the maker of the parent house, located in the foothills outside the town, along the road to Costa (Aviano's hamlet), which may be reached via a long masted avenue. The housing complex planimetrically has a quadrilateral shape: the aristocratic body, located to the north - west, is connected with a barn, with an "L" shape, corresponding, on the opposite side, with a long and articulated rustic building, next to the main one. The chapel, looking to south - east, fully defines the inner court, used as a garden. The house always belonged to the family and is now of Fabris, descendants of the Ornedo Policreti's branch.